(Types of Activities)



:: Group activities ::

 (Because of the student's limited time available, we made it a point to find extramural  activities that would allow the students to also inform visitors and residents of the  necessity and significance of the ' Busan Special Peace and Culture Zone' for the  United Nations'.)

Student executive retreat

 Gyeongnam province Tongyoung district: Traveling around Tongyoung  district  where Admiral Sun-shin Lee defeated Japanese raiders, we have learned  from the leadership of Admiral Sun-shin Lee and promoted the existence of  'Busan Special Peace and Culture Zone for the United Nations' to Tongyoung  district residents and tourists alike.

Cross-Country march

 While helping to clean up the environment and admiring the beauty around  Mount Jang in Haeundae, we have emphasized the value to all about having A U.N. Peace and Culture Zone for the United Nations , instilling it's significance to the local residents in the community.

School field trip to Jeju island

 We have travelled to the world famous JeJu Island and preached of the  historical significance and value of ' Busan Special Peace and Culture Zone for  the United Nations', to all of its visitors and residents.

:: Individual activities ::

 * I sent a letter of appreciation to the Korean War Veterans via e-mail, post, and posting on --


 * I  also created the "UNpeacezone.com" webpage to convey our feelings of gratitude and to raise

   the spirits of our patriots, through discourse with Korean War Veterans.



  :: letter campaign

   We started a letter campaign of appreciation to the Korean war veterans. We are promoting an event that will deliver these letters to the foreign Korean war veterans when they revisit Korea as part of The 60th Anniversary of The Korean War.

  :: Lighting event

  We are planning a "Lighting event" in order to remind modern Korea of life after the Korean War, where we will focuse on taking a heap of ashes and transforming it into a place of peace and prosperity.  We will also be praying that eternal peace is with the veterans who are no longer with us and for the continued long and healthy lives of the veterans who are scheduled to visit Korea as well as those who couldn’t.


  :: When president Myung Bak Lee visits the ' Busan Special Peace and Culture Zone   for the United   Nations' at June 2010, we will present him with a letter.  We’ll also    recommend to President Lee that   there should be legislation to create "The day of veterans'    native place."

  ① We want to open a market where veterans of the Korean War and their families living in Korea for any possible reasons (international study, marriage, employment) may share their unique cultures and knowledge with us all. We anticipate having a cultural market that can showcase folk costumes, music, food, and dance among other things.

  We will recommend that there be a unique military parade focused on veterans. The military parade will involve Korean War veterans and their descendants providing an opportunity to show to all that the past fears of war and conflict are being turned into peace, co-prosperity and coexistence in the present day.

   We want to show that the Korean peoples concord and graciousness will develop a capacity to promote the feeling of a multicultural family.

   We want to have Korea recognized as a model country to represent how we once received aid and now are able to express our gratitude by aiding others